Fujitsu Lands in Canada

Fujitsu Lands in Canada Why did this Japanese tech titan choose B.C.? Excerpts and salient points ~ +  Quantum computers—devices powered by quantum physics—may be years from being ready for widespread practical use, but Fujitsu’s digital annealer is designed to run quantum-inspired algorithms using semiconductor […]

Canada Airs Quantum Computing Aspirations and Funding Concerns at DRIVE 2019

Canada Airs Quantum Copmputing Aspirations and Funding Concerns at DRIVE 2019.  Canada held its inaugural DRIVE conference bringing together policy-makers, researchers, accelerators, and technology companies in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. Discussion focused on emerging technology trends, best practices, and improving Canada’s overall level of ‘tech-compete.’ Highlighted were […]

Commercializing Quantum Cryptographic Agility

Commercializing Quantum Cryptographic Agility.  ISARA Corporation, situated in ‘Quantum Valley’ Canada, is set to unveil new tools integrating NIST Round 2 post-quantum algorithms.  The company is yet another example of commercialization of quantum computing.  As the science and technology emerges, government, academia, and industry are […]