Quantum Computers Needed

Quantum Computers Needed.  Underlying knowledge of atomic structure is fundamental to new discoveries in chemistry, physics, and certainly, quantum computing.  Understanding atomic structure has been aided by supercomputers, or high-performance computing.  A great challenge to studying atomic structure is how long researchers can simulate material […]

Australia’s Black Opal

  Australia’s Black Opal.  Q-CTRL released Black Opal claiming the first commercially available software suite “designed to improve the performance of quantum computing hardware.”  Q-CTRL, an offshoot from the University of Sydney, is an example of Australian attempts to commercialize quantum. Reference is found at […]

Hardware-agnostic Quantum Computer Software

Hardware-agnostic Quantum Computer Software.  Xanadu corporation has developed hardware-agnostic quantum computer software dedicated to machine learning.  Currently available systems utilizing qubits and photonic methods to enable quantum computation have built-in support with the package, dubbed PennyLane.  PennyLane’s Key Points and Features: Scalability inherent in its […]