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If you have followed Archer Materials, you know the company is at the cutting-edge of qubit hardware. This piece from Asha Barbaschow (ZD Net) captures Archer’s CEO Mohammad Choucair’s thoughts on the company’s and Australia’s potential in the developing quantum computing revolution.  Recommend reading from the source, at the link below.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

Australia’s Archer and its plan for quantum world domination

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+  “Quantum computing represents the next generation of powerful computing, you don’t really have to know how your phone works on the inside, you just want it to do things that you couldn’t do before,” Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair told ZDNet. “And with quantum computing, you can do things that you couldn’t necessarily do before.”

CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said Australia is punching above its weight when it comes to the development of quantum computing technology, and his company is making sure the rest of the world is aware of this.

+  Archer describes itself as a materials technology company. Its proposition is simple at heart: “Materials are the tangible physical basis of all technology. We’re developing and integrating materials to address complex global challenges in quantum technology, human health, and reliable energy”.

+  There is currently a very small set number of tasks that a quantum computer can do, but Choucair is hopeful that in the future this will grow to be a little bit more consumer-based and business-faced.

+  Historically, Australia has a reputation of being bad at commercialising research and development. But our curriculum vitae speaks for itself: Spray-on skin, the black box flight recorder, polymer bank notes, and the Cochlear implant, to name a few.  According to Choucair, quantum is next.

+  “We really are leading the world; we well and truly punch above our weight when it comes to the work that’s been done, we lead the world,” he said.

+  “And that quantum technology is across quantum computing and photonics, and sensing — it’s not just quantum computing. We do have a lot of great scientists and those who are developing the technology.”

Source:  ZDNet.  Asha Barbaschow,  Australia’s Archer and its plan for quantum world domination…

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