Event Recap: How Will Quantum Computing Shape the Future of AI?

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+  Quantum computing represents the next leap forward for computing, opening the door to powerful machines that can answer questions beyond the capabilities of today’s computers. Researchers, academics, and governments are already using AI systems to solve challenging problems across sectors including healthcare, energy, and financial services, so what impact will quantum computing have on AI and which sectors might benefit the most from their marriage? Experts debated this question during a panel discussion hosted by the Center for Data Innovation.

+  On the tangible benefits of quantum-enabled AI, panelists agreed quantum computing can improve AI models by reducing the amount of data needed for training AI systems. Quantum-enabled AI can also enhance AI by handling larger datasets with many more strongly correlated variables. Unlike classical computers, quantum devices can compute huge numbers of potential outcomes simultaneously.

+  To explore the use cases where these characteristics are best exploited, Heijman and Hodan Omaar, policy analyst at the Center for Data Innovation discussed two examples that the Dutch government is investigating with industry.

+  First, researchers are exploring how quantum algorithms could improve and accelerate existing methods used in genetic prediction for the Netherlands’ seed trading industry. Current prediction techniques rely on small datasets that are highly correlated, and existing quantum computers with a limited number of qubits can already run applications using small datasets, which means there is potential for quantum to improve this process.

+  Second, researchers are exploring how quantum algorithms can optimize traffic flows in the automotive industry.

+  In the foreseeable future, and for nearer-term applications, AI will take advantage of quantum computing in certain cases, but hardware capabilities for quantum-enabled AI do not currently exceed classical computing capabilities. It is already possible to run applications on quantum computers that currently have a limited number of qubits, before these devices scale up in the future.

Source:  Center for Data Innovation.  Eline Chivot and Hodan Omaar,  Event Recap: How Will Quantum Computing Shape the Future of AI?

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