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This company is fascinating to follow.  Clearly, the Archer Materials team is making headway toward a stable, carbon-based qubit.  Below are the highlights from released documents.  Recommend reading from the source, below.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

Chip build fast-tracked with qubit modelling

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+  Archer Materials Limited is pleased to announce for the first time computational quantum mechanical theory has been developed that accurately models the behaviour of the qubit material at the core of Archer’s 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor. The computational models validate the origins of experimentally observed quantum phenomena in the qubit material and allow the Company to predict future quantum behaviour. This achievement is fundamental to the successful development of the chip.


• Computational models developed for the first time accurately predict Archer’s 12CQ qubit behaviour, necessary for successful chip operation.

• Quantum mechanical models validate Archer’s 12CQ technology global competitive advantage and open the way for streamlined development.

• Accurate simulations could strengthen and grow Archer’s quantum computing patent portfolio in the near and long-term.

• Archer is well-funded to continue its 12CQ chip technology development, with a key focus on demonstrating few and single-qubit control prototypes.

+ Commenting on the Company’s recent achievement, Archer CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair said: 

“We are effectively deploying capital and resources to streamline our chip build. The computational modelling of Archer’s qubit system is a world-first and provides a sound theoretical footing for the 12CQ technology.

“In the global multibillion dollar quantum computing ecosystem this type of theoretical validation is a technological prerequisite and demonstrates that Archer operates under a high degree of certainty in its qubit chip development.

“We can now accurately predict the 12CQ qubit materials’ future behaviour, performance, and overcome potential limitations in device operation from an early stage, to drastically reduce technological risk and assist in moving forward with our partners.”


Source:  Archer Materials Limited.  Mr. James Galvin (Communications Officer),  Chip build fast-tracked with qubit modelling…

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