University of Maine Granted $ to Study Storage Devices; Applications to Quantum Information Science

UMaine professors receive Department of Energy grant to design novel energy-storage materials

Points to note…

+  Two University of Maine researchers will use artificial intelligence-aided design to develop new materials for improved batteries and supercapacitors… “The new materials, if successfully predicted and experimentally validated, will have the capability to accommodate significant lattice strains and the potential to yield a huge improvement in electrode performance,” says Yang, co-investigator of this project. “Such materials could also be interesting for many other important applications including catalysts, hydrogen storage, sensors, quantum information and flexible electronics.”

“Existing energy storage devices experience limitations such as inadequate power, capacity, efficiency, lifespan and cost effectiveness,” says Yu, principal investigator of the project that was awarded $750,000 in DOE funding. “To overcome such limits, new electrode materials are critically needed.” 

+  The goal of their research is to predict, synthesize and characterize a new class of 2D materials for active electrodes in batteries and supercapacitors. These 2D materials will comprise four or more chemical elements in nearly equal concentrations; distinct from both traditional 2D materials, which consist only of two or three elements, and conventional alloys, which contain relatively small amounts of secondary elements added to a primary element.

+  Yu’s research focuses on the theoretical and computational prediction of new materials with properties suitable for sustainable clean energy and electronic applications, such as solar cells, supercapacitors and catalysts. His research methods include high-throughput computations, quantum mechanical electronic structure theory, and materials informatics such as machine learning.

Source:  Umaine News.  Marcus Wolf,  UMaine professors receive Department of Energy grant to design novel energy-storage materials…

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