Report: Portable Quantum Satellite Communications Device Developed by China

Chinese scientists develop portable quantum satellite communication device

In brief…

+  Chinese scientists have developed a quantum satellite ground station that is not only capable of sending ultra-secure messages anywhere in the world but also fits inside a family car.

Although the new portable station opened the gateway to quantum satellite communication for homes and businesses, it would most likely first be used by the military, Shi said.

“It will fit in a plane or submarine…” 

+  The mobile device, developed by the University of Science and Technology of China, weighs about 80kg (176lbs). With the addition of a 28cm (11 inch) telescope, it can connect to the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ quantum satellite known as Mozi, and receive ­encryption keys in the form of ­entangled light particles.

+  Unlike traditional encryption methods based on mathematics, quantum encryption is protected by the fundamental law of physics. In theory, all information scrambled by encryption algorithms can be cracked by a computer if it is fast enough, but quantum key communication will remain intact because any attempt to eavesdrop will cause a physical change in the message and trigger a security alert to the sender or receiver.

Source:  yahoo! News (South China Morning Post).  Stephen Chen,  Chinese scientists develop portable quantum satellite communication device…

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