Israeli Startup Quantum Machines Brings Together Years of Cutting-Edge Quantum Computing Expertise

Quantum Orchestration Platform: A virtual machine for quantum computing

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+  All three of them began their PhDs with the expectation of continuing along the academic path. During their doctoral studies, however, Cohen and Sivan were part of the founding team of the Weizmann Institute Entrepreneurship Program. Once they were exposed to entrepreneurship, there was no turning back.

+  When the three of them finished their doctorates, it was clear that the field in which they had been active for so many years was finally ‘happening.’ They understood that they needed to address a challenge that was holding the industry back. Taking on the layers of computing, they found an unmet need, and a bottleneck whose solution would drive the industry forward today and in the future.

Sivan emphasized that QOP can be directly integrated with any quantum processor: “Basically, any company or institution developing quantum processors may now buy the Quantum Orchestration Platform, and right away be able to run the most complex algorithms possible.”

+  Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines (QM), explained that while a classical computer has two fundamental layers being hardware and software, the quantum computer in all mainstream realizations has three layers, being quantum hardware, classical hardware, and software.

+  Quantum Machines developed the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP): A full hardware and software solution, which they claim has the most advanced classical hardware worldwide for the operation of quantum processors. In addition, QOP offers a convenient software interface for the seamless programming of even the most complex algorithms.

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