$800,000+ USD Seed Money Raised by Nu Quantum to Enable Quantum Communications

Nu Quantum raises £650,000 pre-seed round

Selected notes ~

+  Nu Quantum is building high-performance single-photon sources and detectors that work at room temperature.

+  These devices are the building blocks that will enable a range of quantum technologies, the most near-term being Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): communication links which are completely secure as end users are able to detect any imprint on the exchanged photons left by a potential eavesdropper.

“Nu Quantum is developing high performance quantum photonics hardware that works at the single photon-level, at room temperature. These quantum components are the necessary building blocks for any quantum architecture.”

+  Nu Quantum will soon start working with a major UK telecoms company, testing its quantum technology. While several quantum companies are looking at the fibre-based application of quantum communication technology, Nu Quantum is one of the few looking at its application in ‘free space’ communications.

+  This means communication without fibre optics – their vision for their proprietary components to form an end-to-end free-space quantum cybersecurity system which will enable the secure exchange of cryptographic keys globally via satellite and metropolitan links.

Source:  Electronics Weekly.com.  David Manners,  Nu Quantum raises £650,000 pre-seed round…

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