Could Australia’s Archer Exploration Be the Mouse that Roared?

Archer Exploration, an Australian mining company, recently embarked on a quantum computing project dubbed the “12CQ Project”.  Last week, the 12CQ team took to the road to update its shareholders in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.  During their presentations, numerous questions were raised. 

From The Qubit Report perspective, Archer Exploration is a small company with seemingly all the right ingredients for a substantial technological and business breakthrough.  Below are selected highlights from their publicly released update; answering many questions posed during their briefings. 

Could Archer Exploration be the Mouse that Roared?  They liken their size and approach to Intel back in 1968.  Now a foremost multi-billion-dollar corporation.  The full update is at the Source: link, below, in PDF, from Archer Exploration.  Qubit.

+ Why is Archer involved in Quantum Computing? Archer’s quantum technology is unique and has the potential to revolutionise worldwide computing. Most of today’s quantum computers operate at temperatures close to absolute zero (i.e. colder than outer space). These computers must be housed permanently in purpose-built facilities. At Archer, we are developing a quantum computer chip that, if successful, will allow quantum computers to be mobile and operate at room temperature.

+ What is the 12CQ Project? Archer commenced 12CQ in April 2019.The 12CQProject focuses on the development and commercialisation of a qubit processor product. That is a chip, that could operate at room temperature and integrated into modern electronics to service existing and emerging consumer markets reliant on computational power. Patents protecting the 12CQ intellectual property (IP) (which would expire 2035) have been filed in Australasia, the US, and EU, are exclusively licensed to Archer by the University of Sydney.

+  What is so special about Archer’s quantum technology? At the most basic technical and innovative level, Archer has something that no one else has been able to achieve: a conducting material capable of practical room-temperature quantum information processing. This material is a breakthrough in the development of quantum computing. This material is the critical component in a prototype qubit processor chip being built by Archer. This type of knowledge is very difficult to acquire and is backed and protected by verys trong IP in the form of patents. These patents are exclusively licensed to Archer by the University of Sydney, who owns the IP.

Source:  Archer Exploration.  Archer Exploration, Quantum technology presentation update 11 June 2019 [PDF]…

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