First Analog, then Digital; What’s Next?  Quantum.

Quantum tech firm leaps to aid of planet and mankind

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  THE technology [quantum technology] will help map the inner workings of the mind and, equally, measure the molecules of pollutants from space, laying down the designs for breakthroughs ranging from understanding brain disease to tackling climate change.

Graeme Malcolm says that, in the evolution of technology, quantum is the next big thing after analogue and digital.

+  The potential practical applications are now becoming evident in technology being produced by the Glasgow company in photonics – the science of light generation – and quantum mechanics, about 100 years after that theory was first expressed and debated by physicists like Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr.

“We’re now at the point where we’re building quantum systems that will be able to do those types of techniques.”

+  “Climate change is one of, if not the, biggest issues for society… “At M Squared we kind of like this idea of ‘light for good’.”

+  “We like the idea of being able to use our technology for helping these types of things and I think that’s just something that more and more organisations, big and small, are able to say, ‘well look, nobody’s got the magic bullet but we can all do our own individual bits and we all need to do our individual bits’.”

Source:  The Herald.  Brian Donnelly, Quantum tech firm leaps to aid of planet and mankind…

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