Universal Entangler: Negates Re-wiring, Choose Any Code.  
For the relatively few quantum computers in use today, the complexity of processing a quantum computing algorithm is intensive – to set up!  Now, thanks to a research team at Yale University, the process should be easier with their new entangling device.  Dubbed the “Universal Entangler”, the device is perceived as having applications to quantum computing, cryptography, and quantum communications. 

With the device, the complex hardware and overall reduced versatility of current quantum computing systems is mitigated by permitting users to choose any codes, any time, without re-wiring the system. 

“This universal entangler is critical for robust quantum computation,” said Yvonne Gao, co-first author of the study.  “Scientists have invented a wealth of hardware-efficient, quantum error correction codes — each one cleverly designed with unique characteristics that can be exploited for different applications. However, each of them requires wiring up a new set of tailored operations, introducing a significant hardware overhead and reduced versatility.”

This development is “the latest step in Yale’s quantum research work.  Yale scientists are at the forefront of efforts to develop the first fully useful quantum computers…”

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