Quantum Sensing Nears Heisenberg Limit

Improved Quantum Sensing; Nears Heisenberg Limit.  The U.S.’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory Quantum Information Science Group is in an on-going quest to reach the elusive edge of possible measurement at the quantum level – the Heisenberg limit. Recent work is considered to be a significant achievement and an indication that a new device employed by the team, called a highly non-linear fiber-based phase-sensitive amplifier, will approach this limit.  The device uses photon analysis from the intersection of two beams of light. Interferometry involves splitting light into two modes —one sensing a phase change and the other remaining as a reference.  The team is looking to “build the most sensitive instruments allowed by quantum mechanics.”  Precise measurements at the quantum level are needed for quantum computing to further its advance.

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Werner Heisenberg, circa 1924.
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