Announcing Launch of Quantum Hilton Platform Partnership

Quantum Age Corporation announces the formation and launch of a unique Platform Partnership with Hilton Business Ventures Corporation, the international, multi-industry enterprise that works to create dynamic change across the hospitality, health and wellness, finance, energy, and real estate sectors. 

The Quantum Hilton Platform Partnership was launched by the newly formed Quantum Hilton Technology Corporation to catalyze large-scale, systemic, and positively disruptive changes by advancing technology solutions to reverse trends that threaten our planet.  The Partnership inspires global determination to empower sustainable solutions to address hunger, disease, pollution, financial inclusion, and other critical conditions that imperil human dignity and survival.


The promotion of education and entrepreneurship, coupled with the proliferation of innovative technologies across many industries, are foundational elements in engendering the paradigm shift required to achieve these objectives.

J. Bradley Hilton, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Hilton Business Ventures Corporation and the grandson of Hilton Hotels Founder Conrad N. Hilton, said “My grandfather was a pioneer in the international hospitality industry and his mission for Hilton Hotels was to create world peace through international trade and travel.  In building upon his successful legacy, the actions we take today will set a new course for humanity’s future.  Advanced technologies are needed to address humanity’s biggest challenges. Our vision is a world where every person leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.”

Faiz Chowdhury, Chief Executive Office and Co-Founder of Quantum Age Corporation, echoed Mr. Hilton’s sentiment adding “The launch of this unique Platform Partnership with Hilton Business Ventures provides a special and privileged opportunity to jointly deploy next-generation technologies with a very accomplished team headed by Brad Hilton.  The mobility, energy, decarbonization, payments, fintech, and other advanced quantum technologies that our team have been innovating will serve the Quantum Hilton Platform Partnership exceptionally well, and they will enable all stakeholders to meet our objectives for the benefit of all people and our planet.  On behalf of my Quantum Age Corporation Co-Founder, Professor Ian Hunter from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), our team and I sincerely thank Brad and the entire Hilton Business Ventures team for sharing a common vision that we are all committed to achieving.”

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