Quantum, DNA computing

Quantum Machines raised $50.0M in a Series B roundQuantum Machines develops an orchestration platform for controlling and operating quantum processors as well as a standard universal language for quantum computers.  DNA data storage startup Catalog raised $35.0M in Series B funding led by Hanwha Impact. Storing digital information in DNA has attracted interest due to the vast amounts that can be stored in a small area for extended periods of time. However, Catalog is looking beyond just storing data and aims to develop a computing platform for enterprise use where both data management and computation occur through the manipulation of synthetic DNA.  Quantum Flytrap raised $0.3M in pre-seed funding from SMOK Ventures.  Quantum Flytrap is developing a user interface for quantum computing and cryptography with a graphical interface compatible with any hardware.  

Company Sector Amount
Funding Type Headquarters
DeepRoute.ai Autonomy $300.0 Series B China
Momenta Autonomy $300.0 Corporate China
Cowarobot Autonomy $250.0 Series C China
Black Sesame Technologies Autonomy $100.0+ Series C China
Xinyi Information Technology IoT $77.5 Series B China
Speedata Data Center $55.0 Series A Israel
6K Materials $51.0 Series C USA
proteanTecs Semi & Design $50.0 Series C Israel
Astera Labs Data Center $50.0 Series C USA
Quantum Machines Quantum $50.0 Series B Israel
Redwood Materials Batteries $50.0 Corporate USA
Volta Trucks EVs $43.5 Series B Sweden
Ventana Micro Systems Data Center $38.0 Series B USA
Deep Vision AI HW $35.0 Series B USA
Catalog DNA $35.0 Series B USA
LeydenJar Technologies Batteries $31.9 Series A Netherlands
Aviva Links Automotive $26.5 Series A USA
TactoTek Manufacturing $25.5 Grant & Loan Finland
Vesper MEMS $18.0 Equity USA
Dream Ink Equipment $15.5 Series B1 China
GigaIO Data Center $14.7 Series B USA
Axelera AI AI HW $12.0 Seed Netherlands
Wirepas IoT $11.8 Venture Finland
PreAct Technologies Autonomy $11.4 Venture USA
Nano Labs Data Center $10.0+ Equity China
RiVAI AI HW $10.0+ Series A China
Accure Batteries $8.0 Series A Germany
EnaChip Power Semi $7.1 Venture USA
Frenetic Power Semi $5.3 Venture Spain
Aesir Technologies Batteries $5.0 Venture USA
StreetDrone Autonomy $4.1 Pre-Series A UK
ElFys Photodetector $3.5 Seed Finland
ZeroPoint Technologies Memory $3.0 Seed Sweden
Hong Jing Drive Autonomy $1.5 Series A China
AlixLabs Manufacturing $1.0 Seed Sweden
HeXalayer Batteries $1.0 Grant USA
Quantum Flytrap Quantum $0.3 Pre-Seed Poland

Table 1: Selected companies that received funding in September 2021.