19 Pandemic-Era Lessons From the Software Development Industry

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+  Compared to other industries blindsided by the pandemic, the software development industry was in a position of relative strength. Work-from-home capabilities, experience with remote collaboration tools, and an understanding of automation helped organizations in this space survive and even thrive during lockdowns.

+  However, the industry still underwent some massive changes. As the business world transitions to the next normal, it’s a good idea to learn from the innovations embraced during the pandemic. Here are the top 19 COVID-19 lessons from the software development industry:

+  #19. Quantum computing has vast potential.

+  Quantum computing could exponentially increase the speed of many processes. For instance, research from McKinsey suggests that quantum computing could accelerate drug development by enabling a faster and more accurate predictor of molecular properties.

Source:  BUSINESS 2 COMMUNITY.  Ross A. McIntyre,  19 Pandemic-Era Lessons From the Software Development Industry…

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