If you have ever wondered about the viability of a quantum computing economic ecosystem, this article may site well or may not sit well with you whatsoever.  Perhaps the most pertinent point in this piece is the concluding paragraph. Recommend reading from the source, at the link below. We’re not offering financial advice, you invest at your own risk. And right now, to invest in quantum computing is, well, read this piece start to finish. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Quantum Computing Stocks Are Having a Moment

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Try to ask Google for a list of quantum computing stocks and you’re likely to be fed some Foolish list of stocks like this:A bad Foolish list of quantum computing stocks

+  The person who put that list together is no slouch. He’s a registered investment advisor, he owns his own consultancy, and he’s an experienced writer who enjoys time outdoors with his wife and rescue dog. When his editor asked for a piece on investing in quantum computing stocks, he had to come up with something. But he also made sure to correctly point out that that only one stock on his list would be considered a quantum computing stock – IonQ. What he didn’t mention is that their merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called dMY Technology Group, Inc. III (DMYI) has yet to be finalized.

Google may have developed a quantum crystal thingy, IonQ may become the first publicly traded quantum computing stock, and companies like PsiQuantum may be taking in large funding rounds, but we’re still no closer to a working quantum computer than when we last checked. And if we are, it’s likely we’re not going to know about it.


+ IonQ plans to merge with a SPAC, but until that happens, you don’t own shares of IonQ. While most SPAC deals do successfully close, we’ve seen some stall lately as they wait for shareholders to get off their asses and vote. Once the ticker changes from DMYI to IONQ, then you’ll know the deal has been complete.

+  The next company on the list, Microsoft (MSFT), is a $2 trillion tech giant that dabbles in quite a few things including quantum computing. Earlier this year, Wired published a piece talking about a breakthrough in 2018 that Microsoft had which turned out to be an error. The leader of Microsoft’s quantum computing research, Matthias Troyer, recently spoke with HPC Wire about how “classical computers enjoy a roughly billion times advantage (op/s) over quantum systems at the moment.” He goes on to talk about “quantum-inspired algorithms that are already reaping benefits on classical systems,” and says there are certain complex problems we can only solve with quantum computers.

IBM (IBM) is just now getting over the massive hangover they had from drinking too much Rometty Kool Aid, but their new CEO has quantum computing in his sights. In IBM’s Q2-2021 earnings call a few weeks back, CEO Arvind Krishna said, “to help business and society reap the benefits of quantum computing, we have put a road map in place to build 1,000-plus qubit computer by 2023.” (Makes note in calendar.)

Source:  nanalyze.  nanalyze,  Quantum Computing Stocks Are Having a Moment…

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