Financial advice is taken at your own risk. We’re offering none of it though we are recommending you read the excerpts, below.  The quantum so what is that quantum computing is beginning to draw cashflow from the retail stock side. Just a thought, though. Quantum computing in all its glory is nothing close to the hype at the present. Hope we avoid a quantum winter though signs are unclear. Because Quantum Is Coming. Qubit

4 Funds to Shine as Quantum Computing Comes Into Play

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+  While the concept is new and it is an emerging market, the race for quantum dominance is heating up for sure. Technology bigwigs are working meticulously to bring in quantum computing in logistics, military, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, utilities, artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing. According to The Manomet Current article, the global quantum computing market is expected to reach $1,765 million by 2026, from $472 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 30.2%. In fact, early adoption in the banking and finance sector will boost growth and more companies are expected to focus on adoption of quantum computing-as-a-service (QCaaS) post the pandemic.

+ Fidelity Select Technology Portfolio FSPTX fund aims for capital appreciation. This non-diversified fund invests primarily in equity securities, especially common stocks of companies that are engaged in offering, using, or developing products, processes, or services that will provide or will benefit significantly from technological advances and improvements.

+ T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund PRGTX aims for long-term capital growth. This non-diversified fund invests most assets in the common stocks of companies that its managers expect will generate majority of their revenues from the development, advancement and use of technology.

+  Franklin DynaTech Fund Class A FKDNX aims for capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in common stocks and the fund manager focuses on companies that are leaders in innovation, take advantage of new technologies, have superior management, and benefit from new industry conditions.

+  Fidelity Select Software & IT Services Portfolio FSCSX aims for capital appreciation. The non-diversified fund invests majority of assets in common stocks of companies engaged in research, design, production or distribution of products or processes that relate to software or information-based services.

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