Get involved!  The Qubit Report is helping to get the word out about Q-munity’s hack-q-thon.  Give it a look at their site by clicking here.

Q-munity is a student-led organization that aims to educate today’s youth about quantum computing.  They hope their resources will allow the next generation to tackle the world’s greatest problems with knowledge, skills, and passion for quantum computing.

Q-munity hosts both in-person and online events to educate Q-munity’s participants while providing a platform for individuals to connect, collaborate, and share their quantum computing knowledge.  The next Q-munity gathering is the Q-munity hack-q-thon a quantum computing hackathon for students May 28-30th, 2021.

Q-munity Hack-Q-Thon



Hack-Q-Thon is the first quantum hackathon built for students in the high school and college/university levels.

You can:

1) Learn about fundamentals in quantum computing with engaging workshops and activities
2) Hear from industry experts & get guidance/assistance
3) Meet and work with like-minded people
4) Apply learnings to coding a quantum project for the hackathon competition and win cash prizes

Click here to register!

Check it out!  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit