This piece is more or less a recap of ten of the biggest names in quantum computing. Worth the time if you’re new to the quantum computing scene. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit


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+  Quantum computing refers to a modern form of device that is centered on quantum mechanics, a subset of physics that studies atomic and subatomic particles. These supercomputers can process data at speeds and rates that a regular computer can’t. Quantum computing may likely change many sectors over the next decade.

Quantum computing has the potential to disrupt major sectors, including banking, cybersecurity, healthcare, and more.


ColdQuanta.  This quantum computing organization displays its Quantum Core-based quantum computing technology. This Quantum Core, which can be used in a number of quantum systems, also helps with global positioning, signal processing, and communications.  ColdQuanta is still focusing on the development and improvement of quantum materials and technologies in order to create the right kind of technology for a quantum computing platform.

+  Microsoft.  In collaboration with academic and research institutions around the world, Microsoft Quantum Computing performs experimental and theoretical process to develop quantum computers, employing scholars, theorists, and physicists from mathematics, physics, and computer science. The aim is to develop our knowledge of quantum computing, as well as its implementations and integration.

+  Zapata Computing.  Enterprise teams may use Zapata Computing to boost quantum solutions and functionality. Orquestra, an end-to-end, workflow-based quantum computing set of tools, was created by it. Orquestra now integrates with Qiskit and IBM Quantum’s open quantum systems, Honeywell’s System Model H, and Amazon Braket, in contrast to previously available backends that provide a full range of simulators and traditional tools, according to the company. Orquestra is a quantum machine learning, simulation, and optimization tool that can be used through industry sectors.

+  1QBit.  When it came to pharma research, 1QBit made headlines by collaborating with two top names: technology consulting company Accenture and biotech universal Biogen. The primary aim is to build a molecular modelling application using quantum computing, which may lead to drug development advancements for neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

+  QC Ware.  Though QC Ware is already developing a quantum cloud computing platform for enterprise systems, the company’s software is being developed to work with any quantum computing hardware.  Researchers and practitioners have been able to incorporate quantum computing into their current workflows with the aid of QC Ware. Similarly, top quantum computing hardware may be used to build applications.

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