Chicago Certificate supports transition to quantum careers

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+  Last fall, the Chicago Quantum Exchange launched the inaugural session of a new Certificate Program in Quantum Engineering and Technology. The initial session of the four-day intensive program, which is taught by faculty from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, brought together 34 career scientists and engineers seeking a deeper understanding of the basics of quantum information science and its applications. A second session is planned for April 2021.

“I was eager to see the practical applications of quantum science,” Dr. Sabry says. “While I was familiar with quantum theory, applying it was an eye-opener. Understanding quantum theory involves extensive pure physics and math—it’s hands-off, most of the time. Getting hands-on experience with quantum applications was exciting: observing the achievable measurement precisions offered by this technology and systems, variety of applications, and their limitations.”


+  A few years ago, Trousdale came to the realization that he wanted a future in quantum science. “Classical technologies have essentially plateaued,” he explains. “There are no title-shifts happening in classical technology anymore—innovation is very much incremental. I realized that the real changes coming are going to be in quantum technologies, which go beyond the classical limit.”

+  While the field of quantum science is so new that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not yet collect employment data on its practitioners, demand for a skilled workforce will rise accordingly. The University of Chicago will continue to bridge the gap between industry and the academy with the second quantum certificate program this spring.

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