The four technologies that will take customer experience to the next level

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+  Today… scientists are in the process of developing a completely different kind of computer. This new generation of quantum computers will no longer work with bits but with non-binary qubits, so they can store and process much more information.

The most powerful computer in your possession is your smartphone, but computers of today still make use of exactly the same principles as those of the 1960s. The core of the computer was and still is the transistor, although the transistor itself has undergone a gigantic evolution.

+  It is not intended that quantum computers should replace all our existing computers at home or in the office. These super-powerful machines will be used to solve large and extremely complex problems. Companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM are currently racing to try and establish ‘quantum supremacy’, the moment when a quantum computer achieves for the first time something a traditional computer cannot do.

+  Once quantum computers become operational, we will be able to approach immensely complex problems much more effectively than with existing technology. Scientists are keen to explore the impact that quantum computing might have on the world’s more essential problems, such as optimising the power grid to combat climate change. Once we are able to process ever greater quantities of data and test different models simultaneously, society will gain deeper and faster insight into the huge challenges it will face in the decades ahead.

Source:  elitebusiness.  Steven van Bellegnem,  The four technologies that will take customer experience to the next level…

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