Startup Funding: December 2020

+  Quantum software company Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) raised $45.0M in venture funding from Honeywell Venture Capital, IBM Ventures, JSR Corporation, Serendipity Capital, Alvarium Investments, and Talipot Holdings. CQC provides quantum software products for cybersecurity and quantum chemistry as well as an architecture agnostic quantum software development toolkit and compiler. Founded in 2014 and based in Cambridge, UK, it has raised over $67.8M in total.   Quantum software startup Phasecraft drew £3.7M (~$5.0M) in seed funding led by LocalGlobe and Episode1 and joined by UCL Technology Fund, Parkwalk Advisors, and London Co-investment Fund. Phasecraft focuses on algorithm development for quantum simulation of materials and chemistry. Based in London, UK, and founded in 2018, it has raised ~$7.5M so far.

Table: Selected companies funded in December 2020.  Graphic
Source: Semiconductor Engineering

Source:  Semiconductor Engineering.  Jesse Allen,  Startup Funding: December 2020…

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