India and Australia are great believers in technology: Karen Andrews

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+  India and Australia are great believers in technology, and have a lot to gain in cooperating to develop the best ideas of both our nations. At the same time neither of the countries will let the COVID-19 crisis hold us back from realising these ideas, remarked Karen Andrews, the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Australia, while speaking at the ongoing Bengaluru Tech Summit.

“The Australia-India Framework Arrangement on Cyber and Cyber-Enabled Critical Technology Cooperation, agreed in June, is enhancing how we collaborate to promote and preserve an open, free, safe and secure internet,” said Feakin.

+  She said that India and Australia can innovate together in a post-COVID world. “COVID-19 has compelled industry, researchers, governments and nations to work together to respond to the health and economic impacts of the virus. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and technology in keeping us connected and finding solutions to the challenges we have faced,” remarked Andrews.

+  She further informed that Australian government’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020 is helping to build cyber career pathways and create jobs to meet the estimated need for an additional 17,000 cyber professionals across the economy by 2026, from a base of 20,500 in 2018. She also added that the Australian Government is also investing in artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.

Source:  THE WEEK (India).  Abhinav Singh,  India and Australia are great believers in technology: Karen Andrews…

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