Strategic Partnership will aid smooth work in the event of regional crisis: Australia High Commissioner

+  Firstly, Australia is already contributing to India’s national quantum mission by facilitating partnerships with universities, research institutions and businesses. That includes one of the best relationships we have with India, which is the Australian India Strategic Research Fund, which has been going for over 20 years. Since 2013, one of our Australians of the Year, Professor Michelle Simmons, has led a team of researchers at New South Wales University’s (UNSW) Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, seeking to build the first quantum computer in silicon.

Given the investments made by India under its national quantum mission, and the aspiration here to build more infrastructure and experimental facilities, how could Australia, which is ahead in this field, help India move forward?

+  For quantum computers to be successful with their calculations, they have to be 100% accurate, but electrical interference called charge noise gets in the way. To tackle this problem, the UNSW has used a Research Fund from that Australia India Strategic Research Fund to collaborate with the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, to combine Australia’s state of the art fabrication facilities, and India’s ultra-sensitive noise measurement apparatus. This has helped identify how and where the fabrication process should be adjusted. Earlier this year, the UNSW team was able to achieve a 99.99% accuracy in their atomic level silicon prototype.

+  They believe it is only a matter of time before they’re able to demonstrate 100% reliability, and produce a 10 qubit prototype quantum integrated processor, hopefully by 2023. This has the potential to revolutionise virtually every industry, solving problems and processing information that would take a conventional computer millions of years to calculate in seconds. 

+  This is practical cooperation between the UNSW and the Institute in Bangalore, going on right now ready to hopefully come to practical fruition in 2023. Equally, in the upcoming Bengaluru Tech Summit we will host an exclusive session providing an overview of our innovative ecosystem, our cyber and critical technology capabilities, growing space ambitions, and the applications of computing, and quantum computing.

Source:  THE HINDU.  Narayan Lakshman,  Strategic Partnership will aid smooth work in the event of regional crisis: Australia High Commissioner…

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