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The road to Eindhoven’s hybrid quantum computer

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+  The need to continue developments in quantum computers is an indicator of the future importance of these computational platforms. In 2020, the Dutch government committed €23.5 million to quantum innovation, an investment coordinated by QuantumDeltaNL. Part of this funding will be used to build a hybrid quantum computer – a device consisting of both classical and quantum computing technologies – at Eindhoven University of Technology by 2024, which will be accessible 24/7 for scientific computations.

The hybrid quantum computer will be open source and available for anyone to use. People can decide what type of calculation that they want to run on Quantum Inspire and on which quantum platform. For instance, researchers can opt to run chemical or material science calculations on the Eindhoven quantum infrastructure.


+  “Classical supercomputers are used extensively to do chemical calculations. Perhaps 20% of supercomputer time worldwide is devoted to these calculations. In many cases quantum calculations are required, and that’s where the quantum computer comes to the fore,” says Kokkelmans. “In effect, a hybrid quantum computer could carry out chemical calculations in a more natural and faster manner than a classical supercomputer.”

+  The plans are very much in place for Eindhoven’s hybrid quantum computer. “We are busy redesigning our setup using qubits based on strontium atoms, and we aim to be fully operational by 2024. Then we will connect our device to the Quantum Inspire network, which means that anyone can run quantum code on the hybrid device,” notes Kokkelmans.

Source:  Eindhoven University of Technology.  Barry Fitzgerald,  The road to Eindhoven’s hybrid quantum computer…

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