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How This Bangalore Based Startup Is Driving Innovation With Quantum Technology-Based Products

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+  Founded in 2015 by Aviruk Chakraborty, Archeron Group was established with a vision to drive disruptive innovations across multiple sectors that can help transform the world for the better.

+ The company is co-headquartered in Abu Dhabi and San Francisco. It has a state-of-the-art Global Development and Delivery Centre (GDDC) in Bengaluru. It holds strategic importance for the Group and is responsible for creating the entire solution portfolio of the groups which it has been able to take to the Middle East (UAE and KSA), North America, and the European Union.

Archeon extensively integrates AI and quantum computing in its flagship products.


Bank/ NBFC automation using AI: The company is building a Quantum AI Bank using quantum technologies and artificial intelligence, which will be completely autonomous in its decision making. According to Chakraborty, the larger parameters of the bank such as risk ratios and macroscopic directives will be set by the board on a quarterly basis which gets translated into algorithmic performance parameters and hence executed for the next quarter.

Predictive Diagnostic Platforms: Archeron group has created an integrated national radiology platform using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, where the radiological plates of all the patients all over the country is analysed and a diagnostic support system is created in which the doctors are given a second opinion on the radiological plates.

Quantum Cryptography: The company has designed Quantum Cryptography with a view to strengthen the payments infrastructure in India and make them 100% secure and unhackable. They used three-factor authentication as well as Quantum One Time pad to offer an end to end secure platform.

+  Chakraborty said that in the next five years, the focus would be on increasing the adoption of healthcare, banking and agricultural solutions in UAE, India and the USA. The company is also focusing on global implementation of already developed technology and iteratively refining it to make the tech stack better.

Source:  Analytics India Magazine.  Ambika Choudhury,  How This Bangalore Based Startup Is Driving Innovation With Quantum Technology-Based Products…

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