IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi Form ‘Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium’

IBM ties up with Japanese business and academia in quantum computing

In brief…

+  The partnership comes as the United States and its allies compete with China in the race to develop quantum technology, which could fuel advances in artificial intelligence, materials science and chemistry.

“We’re trying to build a quantum industry,” Dario Gil, director of IBM Research, said. “It’s going to take these large-scale efforts.”

+  Members of the new group, which includes Toshiba Corp. and Hitachi Ltd., will gain cloud-based access to IBM’s U.S. quantum computers. The group will also have access to a quantum computer known as IBM Q System One, which it expects to set up in Japan in the first half of next year.

+  The “Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium” will be based at the University of Tokyo and also includes Toyota Motor Corp., financial institutions and chemical manufacturers. It will aim to increase Japan’s quantum skill base and allow companies to develop uses for the technology.

Source:  THE JAPAN TIMES.  REUTERS,  IBM ties up with Japanese business and academia in quantum computing…

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