U.K. to Spend $85M+ on 38 Quantum Technology Projects

Interested in what the U.K. is about to fund? This article, from the source, is ripe with who, what, and how much will be spent. Recommend reading from the source. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

£70m Funding to Secure UK Position as a World-Leader in Quantum Technology

Key points…

+  The new projects aim to solve global challenges and address key industrial challenges, from developing batteries for electric vehicles to innovating energy storage systems that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, via the use of advanced quantum technologies.

  • 38 new projects to benefit from over £70 million government funding to power quantum technologies across the United Kingdom
  • Ground-breaking quantum technology projects will help speed up diagnosis of cancerous tumours during surgical operations and detect industrial gas leaks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Funding is part of a wider £1 billion government and industry investment to commercialise quantum innovations and secure the UK’s status as a world-leader in quantum science and technologies

+  The £70 million government investment is part of its Quantum Technologies Challenge, led by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). The projects involve over 80 companies and nearly 30 universities and research organisations across the UK including the University of Glasgow, University College London and the National Physical Laboratory.

Source:  Business News Wales.  Technology News Wales,  £70m Funding to Secure UK Position as a World-Leader in Quantum Technology…

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