UChicago Docuseries: “Superposition” Online Viewing Today [June 25]

We’ve registered for the 8 p.m. viewing. This should be an interesting “short” of sorts. Join us by registering at the source, below. Because Quantum is Coming.

UChicago STAGE lab to release pilot episode of ‘Curiosity’ with discussion June 25 |

+  The first episode, “Superposition,” follows Earnest-Noble, a physics graduate student at the time of filming, as he attempts to create a device that he hopes will be foundational to quantum computing. Filmed in the lab of Assoc. Prof. David Schuster and around Hyde Park, and combining a mix of interviews with an intimate camera style, the filmmakers capture life at the forefront of quantum computing as experienced by a young researcher growing through the trials of the work he loves.

The pilot episode, “Superposition,” will be available online June 25 at noon and 8 p.m. Each showing will be followed by interactive panel discussions featuring the cast and contributors.

+  The docuseries intends to explore the nature of curiosity and its role in the world of science. Based on an idea suggested by California NanoSystems Institute Education director Fiona Goodchild, the series was conceptualized by Prof. Nancy Kawalek and directed and filmed by a group that included a UChicago undergraduate student.

+  Interested attendees can register through Eventbrite.

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