Optimizing Your Business Processes With Quantum Computing

Albeit written at a high-level, this work published by MIT contains a number of business and industry uses for quantum computing.  It is worth taking the time to read from the source.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

Quantum computing: A key ally for meeting business objectives

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+  There are a number of ways that quantum computing can be deployed in real world settings, including in finance, logistics, and transport operations.

Quantum computing: what’s next? The range of problems that can be addressed through quantum formalism is broad: it does not stop at combinatorial optimization but, instead, crosses into other areas such as machine learning and quantum security. Quantum neural networks and quantum internet networks are just two of the more interesting ones.

+  Quantum computing is used for optimization in the finance realm. Thanks to a quantum algorithm developed with Reply, a credit institution was able to optimize daily collateral costs related to over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trading, taking account of non-linearities in the model and implementing a dedicated simulation-based optimization tool to plan for multiple scenarios.

+  Another key area that Reply’s experts have focused on is the freight delivery and workforce management world. Identifying the optimal route for goods deliveries or workforce operations is a complex process, due to the high number of variables that come into play.

Source:  MIT Technology Review.  MIT Technology Review,  Quantum computing: A key ally for meeting business objectives…

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