Success in the Advancement of Quantum Computing’s Workforce Through IBM Q Network and the Chicago Quantum Exchange

CQE IBM postdoc program trains next-generation quantum workforce with industry

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+  “The CQE-IBM postdoc program is an excellent example of an academic-industrial partnership to advance quantum computing,” Javadi said. “Selected fellows have the opportunity to collaborate with established researchers on problems that are both intellectually stimulating and of great practical importance for this rapidly advancing field.”

“It’s exactly what I wanted to be doing after graduation,” she [Kate Smith] said. “The fact that I’m making connections with industry, and seeing the applications of quantum in industry, makes it that much better. I get to see where quantum computing is heading in the next 10 to 20 years.”

+  “A quantum workforce that is able to bridge university and industry research will speed the development of real-world quantum applications,” said Kate Timmerman, executive director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange. “Through the CQE IBM program, postdocs collaborate with IBM researchers and develop a professional network within academia and industry.”

+  While postdoctoral programs are common among individual research institutions, a program that facilitates collaboration between a large network and an industry partner such as IBM is unique. The program was officially launched in 2019, with the goal of funding five postdoctoral researchers at a time. PhD graduates who apply have conversations with investigators across CQE to learn more about their area of research interest and how their interests would align with existing academic research programs and research efforts at IBM. Accepted postdocs are then provided with annual discretionary funds and the freedom to work with different research groups across the CQE and can be based at any CQE member institution

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