India Startup QPai Aims at 1 Million Qubits on a Chip

This Startup Is Exploiting The ‘New Normal’ In Indian Quantum Computing Scenario

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+  While the field of artificial intelligence has accomplished many developments lately, there are certain challenges it still faces — coming up with the AI/ML models being one of them. “This is probably the biggest debug problem of our lifetime,” says Nagendra Nagaraja, founder of QPai Tech, a Bengaluru-based startup that has brought in special optimisation hardware to solve the problem of model complexity.

“Slowing down Moore’s law is slowing down the number of transistors we can add on a chip. But model complexity is exploding doubly exponentially. Current GPUs and classical hardware cannot solve this issue, which makes democratising AI/ML a big problem to solve. There is a need to invent new technology to model intelligence with zetabytes of data that is being produced every year.”

+  This calls for special optimisation hardware which will overcome the shortcomings of the current Quantum computers. “Hybrid classical-Quantum computers are the solution, and we at QPai are inventing it in the form of ASGP (AI System Generating Processor),” shares Nagaraja.

+  Nagaraja believes that Quantum computers in the form of their invention ASGP would revolutionize compute. He believes that they would be able to achieve the following benefits with it:

  • Converting data to intelligence at a scale by simplifying AI and Quantum, which would result in massive productivity improvements
  • Other benefits in the field of chemical discovery, drug discovery, materials, molecular dynamics, supercomputing and manufacturing.

+  The ambitious startup has been approached by many VCs for funding and has good cash flows currently from AI modelling platforms. As Nagaraja shares, funding will be mainly used in scaling the business and designing a commercial-grade Quantum chip.

Source:  Analytics India Mag.  Srishti Deoras,  This Startup Is Exploiting The ‘New Normal’ In Indian Quantum Computing Scenario…

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