Indian Scientists and Quantum Chemistry Limited by Theory-to-Software Translation

IIT Bombay Fellow Developing Quantum Chemistry Based Software Useful For Radiation Therapy

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Recipient of the INSPIRE Faculty Award instituted by Department of Science and Technology,  Dr Achintya Kumar Dutta from IIT Bombay along with his research group is working to develop new methods for quantum chemistry and implement them in efficient and free software to study electron attachment to aqueous DNA which has big implications in radiation therapy-based treatment of cancer.

The efficiency of these newly developed quantum chemistry methods allows the research group to solve the Schrodinger equation for the attachment of electrons to DNA in the presence of the bulk aqueous environment. 

+  Dr. Dutta’s research group in IIT Bombay is a collaboration of chemists, computer scientists, and engineers who are united towards a common goal of development of efficient quantum chemistry methods and free software, which can be routinely used by scientists all over the globe to solve their chemistry problems, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

+  Indian scientists are at the forefront of the new theory development for quantum chemistry. However, the progress in translating those theories into practically useable computer software is somewhat limited. This is particularly surprising in the view of having a thriving Indian IT industry and extremely talented software professionals who are of global repute.

Source:  NDTV.  Shihabudeen Kunju S,  IIT Bombay Fellow Developing Quantum Chemistry Based Software Useful For Radiation Therapy…

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