Australian Firm Archer Materials Makes Progress Towards Room-Temperature, Onboard Quantum Chip

Progress towards single qubit quantum measurements

Archer Materials Limited is pleased to update shareholders on the development of its 12CQ technology that aims to build a quantum computing qubit processor chip.

Archer is one of very few companies globally that provides investors a direct, on-market opportunity to invest in quantum computing technology.


• Archer is on-track performing quantum measurements required to build an operational room-temperature qubit processor chip prototype.

• Archer joins the Sydney Knowledge Hub to strategically engage with researchers in the Australian quantum computing economy.

• Collaboration Agreement with UNSW Sydney now includes access to world-class infrastructure for quantum materials characterisation.

• Archer holds an exclusive international licence to patents protecting the chip technology.

Commenting on the Company’s 12CQ developments, Archer CEO, Dr Mohammad Choucair, said: “We are strategically expanding Archer’s direct access to infrastructure, specialised measurement instruments, and internationally recognised researchers to accelerate performing the quantum measurements required to successfully develop the 12CQ chip.”

“We have secured important and significant access to specialist equipment and world renowned personnel through robust commercial agreements with world-class institutes. As a result, the quantum measurements related to qubit control, which form the basis of the chip’s basic function, have commenced and are on track.”

The quantum measurements focus on several complimentary approaches to achieve quantum electronic and magnetic control of the chip qubit components in-line with Archer’s key commercial development goals to demonstrate the potential for chip function and integration in modern devices.

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