Photonics Market Eyes Quantum Computing’s Growing Market

Brighter Future For Photonics

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  [P]hotonics is not only about communications. It can be used for computation, as well, and can do some types of computation much more efficiently than electronics. It may also be an enabler for quantum computing.

+  “Datacomms wants to get to the Terra-bit/s range,” says Martin Eibelhuber, deputy head of business development for EV Group. “This requires a minimum of eight different laser wavelengths, and this increases the complexity. There are discussions suggesting that light is the way to go for quantum computing. Use cases are expanding and increasing the complexity. The industry is raising the question of where else it can be used, such as between a memory and a chip where they are very close.”

+  But there are high value markets to which photonics may expand. “Quantum computing is one possibility,” adds Eibelhuber. “Most companies working in this field are unwilling to talk too much about what they are doing today, but I would say that calculating with photons is the most realistic way to have quantum computing at acceptable temperatures. Other approaches need temperatures around 100°C and more.”

Source:  SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING.  Brian Bailey,  Brighter Future For Photonics…

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