Spintronics Research: Who is Doing What and Where

Researchers Make Strides in “Spintronics” (Spin Electronics)

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+  Spintronics is the intrinsic spin of an electron in its associated magnetic moment or the magnetic strength and orientation of an object that produces a magnetic field in addition to its electric charge.

Scientists have ramped-up research in “spintronics” (spin electronics) to make breakthroughs in new quantum materials, stable spin states, and new devices.

+  Research in spintronics (spin electronics) has been on the rise over the last decade. According to a 2020-2025 forecast report on spintronics from Mordor Intelligence, the market share commanded by the technology is expected to grow from $3.62 billion (in 2019) to $26 billion in the next five years.

+  Scientists have explored this new field of applied physics to advance electronics in solid-state devices using an electron’s spin to carry information instead of its charge.

+  Electronics manufacturers have already applied spintronics in one form or another to produce read-heads on magnetic hard drives, MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory), and magnetic sensors. Spintronics offers increased data processing speed, decreased power consumption, and greater densities over current semiconductor devices.

+  In recent years, scientists have ramped-up their research into this relatively new branch of physics to make breakthroughs using new materials, stable spin states, and new devices, including a new type of LED and spin valve.

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