U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Seeking Quantum Research Collaboration

DARPA hopes to form quantum computing consortium

In brief…

+  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is considering forming a quantum computing consortium.  In a request for information, DARPA said that it is seeking “companies that would be willing to enter into a partnership with DARPA and other quantum research leaders to collaborate across and provide access to quantum hardware.”

Interested parties have until 1:59PM Eastern January 24, 2020, to reply. As an RFI, it does not mean DARPA has to act on any responses, and it may not move forward with plans for a consortium. At this early stage, no indication was given as to the level of investment DARPA is willing to make.

+  In an attached document, the agency asks respondents several questions to help it “determine if a pool of qualified business firms is sufficient for a potential quantum computing consortium.”

+  It asks whether companies are “willing to collaborate and share research information and results with other quantum hardware companies,” whether they will cost-share or offer un-priced access to hardware and software to researchers, and how much commercial access to their quantum hardware costs.

+  DARPA also asks for feedback on how it should form the consortium, “i.e., consortium management company led, member led, government led.”

Source:  DCD.  Sebastian Moss,  DARPA hopes to form quantum computing consortium…

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