Startups in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Interesting and quick read if you are unaware of the industrial revolutions and their influence on startups.  We’ve whittled the piece down to The Qubit Report’s focus, quantum computing, below.  Worth the time to check out the source document, link below.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Effect on the Creation of New Businesses

Excerpts and salient points ~

Voyaging out on new business ventures is easier today than any other day in history. The past, present, and future of the synthesis of enterprise can be tracked through the study of the four industrial revolutions.

+  The First Industrial Revolution — Mechanization

+  The Second Industrial Revolution — Electricity

+  The Third Industrial Revolution — The Internet

+  The Fourth Industrial Revolution — Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing in a new realm of automation the scale of which humanity hasn’t seen before. Machine learning and AI research has been ongoing since the 1950s but hasn’t been immediately applicable until recent years. This is in part due to the improvements in hardware and software that have made big data possible. This big data can be utilized to train machine learning models in a manner that actually renders said models effective.

+  Quantum Computing.  While quantum computing has been solely academic for years, 2019 provided two massive milestones for quantum computing.

+  First, Google demonstrated quantum supremacy for the first time in history…

+  Secondly, Amazon began a preview for quantum computing as a service — Amazon Braket. This opens the gates for developers and other businesses to leverage the exciting power of quantum computing without having to take on the millions of dollars in engineering and maintenance for the hardware.

+  Quantum computing allows organizations to perform simulations that more accurately resemble the real world. This will massively affect the healthcare and bioinformatics industry and pose incredible shifts to cybersecurity among other domains. While the topics in quantum computing are too advanced to discuss within the scope of this article, the science behind quantum computing is incredibly fascinating and worth exploring further.

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Source:  M.  Jonathan Rasmussen,  The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Effect on the Creation of New Businesses…

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