NIST and U.S. Army Research Lab Establish “Internet-like” Network to Handle Quantum Computing

NIST, Army Research Lab Conduct Quantum Computing Experiment

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  The National Institute of Standards and Technology partnered with the Army Research Lab and University of Maryland to conduct an experiment on quantum interference that could support advanced computing.

+  NIST said Tuesday that researchers were able to establish an “internet-like” network of photons from processors in different UMD buildings. The interaction of photons may help researchers discover advanced ways of transmitting, storing and processing electrons to enable the handling of information through quantum computing.

+  As part of the experiment, researchers used infrared light and an optical fiber to facilitate the interaction between photons from distant buildings.

+  The Qubit Report will publish more information as it becomes available.

Source:  Executive Gov.  Brenda Marie Rivers ,  NIST, Army Research Lab Conduct Quantum Computing Experiment…

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