American Physical Society’s Division of Quantum Information Plays Home to Quantum Everything

The APS Division of Quantum Information

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+  The APS Division of Quantum Information (DQI) is a home for those interested in the cutting edge of quantum information: its foundations, its physical manifestations, and the usefulness of, feasibility of, and progress toward quantum computing. Specifically, this spans quantum entanglement, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms and simulations, physical implementation of qubits (the basic unit of quantum information), the conceptual and mathematical foundations of quantum theory, and more.

“A decade ago, typical for a new subfield of physics, there was doubt as to whether quantum information was a credible field that belonged in academic physics departments,” she [Emily Pritchett, DQI]explained. “Of course, one only has to compare the job opportunities now to those a decade ago to see that this [field] has been enormously successful.”

+  [E]xcitement in the quantum information field is reflected in DQI’s growing presence at the APS March Meeting. At the 2019 meeting DQI sponsored over 90 invited talks and received over 900 contributed abstracts (up about 25% from 2018). Numbers are expected to grow further for next year’s March Meeting in Denver. DQI already has 18 focus sessions planned for this upcoming meeting, including quantum machine learning, quantum error correction theory, and quantum computation for networking and information security.

+  DQI’s executive committee also prides itself on its political advocacy for more quantum information research funding along with the APS Office of Government Affairs and other scientific societies. In December 2018 the US Congress passed the National Quantum Initiative (see APS News, October 2018), allocating $1.2 billion for research into quantum information science over five years and creating a National Quantum Coordination Office at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Source:  APS Physics.  Abigail Dove,  The APS Division of Quantum Information…

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