Discussion Amplifies on the Prospects of Inve$ting in Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Is (Almost) Here

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  We’re now at a crossroads. And we’re bumping up against the limits of bits and transistors. Either our ability to increase the power and speed of computers will dramatically decline or we’ll discover entirely new and revolutionary technologies.

+  The most fascinating and game-changing of those technologies is quantum computing.

We’re witnessing a Kitty Hawk flight moment in computing. Just as the Wright brothers proved flight was possible, Google and Untether AI are showing us that computing power the likes of which we’ve never seen is also becoming a reality.

+  The day before Google’s big announcement, quantum computing startup IonQ raised $55 million. IonQ wants to make its quantum computers available to other companies via the cloud. And earlier this year, it announced its own major quantum breakthrough.

+  Another startup, a German company called HQS Quantum Simulations, raised $2.6 million in seed financing. HQS wants to use quantum computers to run simulations that can discover new materials and substances with commercial potential. It cites batteries and more efficient solar cells as two examples.

+  Untether AI just raised $13 million from Intel and others to develop a new type of chip for AI that can transfer data to different parts of the chip 1,000 times more quickly than a conventional AI chip. Untether AI uses “near-memory computing” to reduce the physical distance between memory and the processing tasks, speeding up data transfer and lowering power consumption.

Source:  EARLY INVESTING.  Andy Gordon,  Quantum Computing Is (Almost) Here…

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