“U.S. Needs a Three-Phase National-Security Strategy to Protect and Defend American Data, Networks and Infrastructure From Future Quantum Attack.

The Quantum Computing Threat to American Security

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  In addition to more money, the U.S. needs a three-phase national-security strategy to protect and defend American data, networks and infrastructure from future quantum attack.

+  First, dramatically increase efforts to develop encryption methods based on algorithms large and complex enough to foil quantum intrusion.

Beijing is America’s chief quantum-computing rival. It spends at least $2.5 billion a year on research—more than 10 times what Washington spends—and has a massive quantum center in Hefei province. China aspires to develop the code-breaking “killer app,” which means protecting U.S. data and networks from quantum intrusion is a vital security interest.

+  Second, use quantum technology itself to create the “unhackable” networks of the future.

+  Third, require that all U.S. data and networks, including future 5G technology, be made secure from quantum attack while devoting resources to build the hack-proof quantum communication networks of the future.

Source:  THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Arthur Herman,  The Quantum Computing Threat to American Security…

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