IDQ to Supply Quantum Key Distribution Equipment for SK Telecom’s EU Open QKD Project

SK Telecom to Build Quantum Cryptography-Based Communications Networks in Europe

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+  SK Telecom and its subsidiary IDQ, which joined forces a year ago, have received orders for quantum cryptography-based communication networks one after another in Europe and the United States.

+  SK Telecom announced on Oct. 20 that IDQ will participate as the number one supplier of quantum key distributors (QKDs) in the Open QKD project promoted by the Quantum Flagship under the EU.

The EU plans to build a quantum cryptographic test network to lay the groundwork for development of all quantum applications. It plans to invest 15 million euros over three years to build the network, primarily in major European countries. The project will start this year. IDQ will play the most important role in the Open QKD project.

+  IDQ will supply QKDs to the largest number of sections among companies and research centers participating in the project. IDQ establishes a quantum cryptographic test network in 14 sections (one section: about 100 km long) in major European countries including Geneva, Switzerland, Berlin in Germany, Madrid in Spain and Vienna in Austria. The Open QKD project involves a total of 38 partners including not only mobile operators and telecommunication equipment companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Nokia, and ADVA but governments and research institutes at universities.

+  In addition, IDQ has recently provided hardware for the first quantum cryptography network between New York and New Jersey in the United States. The network was developed by Quantum Xchange, a U.S. quantum communication company with which IDQ forged a partnership last year. The network ensures the security of financial information on Wall Street, New York, where information security is more important than any other things. IDQ and Quantum Xchange are planning to expand the current quantum cryptography network into an 800 km-long-section from Washington, D.C. to Boston by next year. IDQ will supply QKDs while Quantum Xchange will apply a solution that extends the length of encryption key transmission.

Source:  Business Korea.  Michael Herh,  SK Telecom to Build Quantum Cryptography-Based Communications Networks in Europe…

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