U.S., China, Strategic Power Struggles, Disruptive Technology; a Geopolitical Discussion from India

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Responding to War and Warfare in the Sixth Wave of Innovation (2020-2045)

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+  We are in a re-polarising world reflected in a strategic superpower competition between the US and China in an unfathomable cyberspace and digital-economy territory that will give rise to new type of bipolar world. Further, the world economy is going through a new creative destruction driven by things becoming nano, hypersonic, networked and autonomous. These are being developed using new forms of algorithmic intelligence and quantum computing. An unprecedented ability is coming to man with these technologies to synthesize biology, energy and reality. This will give rise to a new wave of innovation which we call the Sixth Wave of Innovation (2020-2045). Since the wars in the sixth wave will be 15-dimensional, national interests, our geo-political, geo-economic and strategic objectives need to be clearly articulated. However, the clarity on the linkages between political objectives in the new world and means to achieve them through war are becoming nebulous.

[India’s] forces and our defence capabilities need to be developed using the tools, concepts and thinking for the Sixth Wave of Innovation. We propose that a new theory of political objectives and comprehensive detailing of national interests should be developed along with new theory, new methods and new thinking to create defence capabilities for wars and warfare in the upcoming Sixth Wave of Innovation.

+  By 2020, we would have entered the Sixth Wave of Innovation (6WoI). Some experts claim the sixth wave started around 2015. As per Schumpeter’s Cycles/waves of innovation that define the economic system of the world, currently, we are running the 5th Wave of Innovation based on software, digital networks and new media (1990-2020)1. This wave is going to give way to the Sixth Wave of Innovation which will be based2 on (a) Things becoming Nano, Networked, Autonomous and Hypersonic, through (2) Computational approaches based on Algorithmic intelligence and Quantum Computing and thereby providing (3) ability to synthesize reality, biology and energy.

Source:  iDR.  Navneet Bhustan,  Responding to War and Warfare in the Sixth Wave of Innovation (2020-2045)…

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