Princeton University Announces Princeton Quantum Initiative

Princeton announces initiative to propel innovations in quantum science and technology

In brief…

+  The new initiative builds on Princeton’s world-renowned expertise in quantum science, the area of physics that describes behaviors at the scale of atoms and electrons. Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize areas ranging from secure data transmission to biomedical research, to the discovery of new materials.

“Princeton has world leaders at all layers of this technology, including foundational science, materials synthesis and characterization, quantum device platforms, computer architecture, algorithm design and computational complexity,” said Houck. “We have an incredible collection of experts in their respective disciplines, and the Princeton Quantum Initiative gives us an entity which brings everyone together to accelerate the pace of discovery.”

+  “The potential benefits to society from quantum information science make this an essential endeavor for Princeton. The initiative will provide tremendous opportunities for Princeton students and postdoctoral researchers to make profound contributions to future technologies,” said Deborah Prentice, University provost and the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs.

+  The initiative comes at a time of national momentum for quantum sciences at the University, government and industry level. In 2018, the federal government established the National Quantum Initiative to energize research and training in quantum information science and technology. New technologies over the past decade have enabled companies including Google, IBM and others to build research-stage quantum computers.

+  The Princeton Quantum Initiative will enable new collaborations both across campus and with other universities and industry. Within the University, the initiative will include faculty in the departments of electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, computer science and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

+  To support the future of quantum research, the initiative will train a new generation of quantum scientists and engineers through financial support for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Annually, Princeton will award two prestigious graduate student fellowships, each providing support for three years, as well as two postdoctoral fellowships for three-year terms, with fellows able to choose projects and faculty mentors.

Source:  Princeton University.  Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research,  Princeton announces initiative to propel innovations in quantum science and technology…

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