“Advantage” D-Wave with 5,000 Qubits; Available mid-2020?

D-Wave debuts new 5,000-qubit quantum computer

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  LANL’s new machine gives it access to a new quantum processor that not only has more qubits, but also “less noise.” The qubits themselves have also been interconnected in a smarter way that results in higher performance, D-Wave added.

“This is the third time we will have upgraded our D-Wave system,” LANL associate laboratory director for simulation and computation Irene Qualters said in a statement. “Each upgrade has enabled new research into developing quantum algorithms and new tools in support of Los Alamos’ national security mission. Quantum computing is a critical area of research for Los Alamos, and our researchers are excited about getting access to D-Wave’s Advantage quantum system.”

+  [Q]ubits can use a method called superdense coding that allows them to hold two bits simultaneously. So two superpositioned bits held in one qubit means they can process four times the data of ordinary computers. Qubits also have the ability to correlate with each other so that each is aware of the state of all the others. That means quantum computers grow in power exponentially as qubits are added.

+  [T]he Los Alamos National Laboratory seems to think D-Wave’s quantum annealing computers are useful enough for its own specific needs. The lab has already developed more than 60 applications for D-Wave’s previous 2000-qubit system and is ready to do even more with the more powerful Advantage machine.

Source:  siliconANGLE.  Mike Wheatley,  D-Wave debuts new 5,000-qubit quantum computer …

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