On the Lighter Side: Learn to Code Quantum Computers; There’s a Future There

Does coding really help students for new-age job?

In brief…

+  Coding is a buzzword today, and is creative and fun, but can coding benefit your career? Can it really prepare you for new-age jobs? The answer is ‘yes’. Coding stimulates idea generation, how to think and solve logical problems, stimulates critical thinking, teaches to break down one big problem into smaller problems and find solutions, and analyse different situations in order to connect the dots eventually; this is where it comes as a life skill for the new-age jobs in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, renewable energy and quantum computing, to name a few.

Industry trends reflect that digital careers are seeing double the growth rate of other industries and jobs for those who code pay more than others even at the entry-level. So, coding is fast becoming an essential skill to acquire for new-age jobs.

+  The real value quotient of coding is algorithms. Algorithms provide structured problem-solving strategies and give alternate ways to solve a given problem. As none of the subjects in elementary education curriculum address the learning of problem-solving techniques and creating algorithms, learning to code becomes all the more necessary. As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven, witnessing automation, and the development of robots and self-driven cars, coding is and will increasingly become a necessary skill for more and more jobs. Similarly, as the digital economy continues to grow, we will witness a greater business demand for people with coding skills. Hence, it is of utmost importance to include technology, specifically emphasising computing and coding prowess, in education.

+  In this digital era that is witnessing the emergence of new-age jobs in the fields of big data analytics, biotechnology, IoT, and every second job is some way or the other based on technology, our education institutes are still teaching operations such as left clicking, right clicking the mouse, which wouldn’t serve the need of the hour.\

+  The sooner the children are exposed to fundamental topics such as sequencing, loops and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts, and this shall be the foundation step at preparing our future generation.

Source:  FINANCIAL EXPRESS.  Shiv Ram Choudhary,  Does coding really help students for new-age job?

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