Quantum.Tech Congress Wraps Up

Albeit Qubit was only able to attend the first full day of the Quantum.Tech Congress, The Qubit Report founder came away with a very favorable view of this event.

Having been on the periphery of quantum computing for the past several years, this was our first venture into a quantum event.  Not being sure what to expect from a quantum-specific conference, what was found was informative and, quite frankly, delightful. 

The Alpha Events staff was utmost in professional and accommodating let alone putting together such a highly visible event.  Hats off to each of them.

While the event venue was proper and well-operated, the purpose was truly about finding out just what this approaching scientific transformation is about.  Vendors such as M SQUARED and NKT Photonics provided opportunity to discuss their work in and of lasers and the quantum environment.  M SQUARED’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Graeme Malcom OBE, delivered the opening remark’s with “A brief history of quantum technology and where we are today”. 

Following were leaders from both government and industry presenting various quantum technology discussions.  Zapata Computing was well-staffed and available to discuss higher-level computing for quantum computers.  From the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Dr. Kathy-Anne Soderberg, Senior Research Scientist, and from the U.S. National Institute of Technology (NIST)’s Physical Measurement Laboratory Director, Dr. Carl Williams made presentations.  Mr. Bob Sutor, VP – IBM-Q Strategy and Ecosystem,moderated an enterprise panel, “How are leading enterprises preparing for a Quantum future?”

After working lunches, filled with presentations from leaders in the industry, the afternoon’s sessions began.  The Qubit Report attended much of Stream B, “Secure communications & cryptography.”  Mr. Brunno Huttner, Director of Strategic Quantum Initiative for ID Quantique, delivered a presentation and discussion for quantum random number generation and post-Quantum cryptography.  Titled “QRNG, QKD vs post Quantum cryptography: an assessment of the technologies and a roadmap forward for enterprise & national cyber security”; the presentation led to a vibrant discussion between Mr. Huttner and Dr. Carl Williams regarding the true security of QKD.  Just prior, Prof. Michael Biercuk, CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL, made a special announcement that his Q-CTRL has attained $15M in venture capital.  The Qubit Report delivered the news at the same moment as his announcement. 

Concluding The Qubit Report day at the Quantum.Tech Congress, further networking opportunities were available.  Of note, Archer Exploration was represented by Dr. Mohammad Choucair, CEO, and Dr. Martin Fuechsle.  This small mining company has been gaining press coverage for making progress in silicon-based quantum computing.  The Quantum Computing Report’s Doug Finke was present collecting data points for his analyses.  The Qubit Report briefly discussed the possibilities of partnering with this independent quantum analytical organization.  From quantum ethics to gravitational sensing to risk analysis, the opportunity to engage was made available.  Quite an event.  We’ll be there in 2020.  Qubit.

Other’s in-attendance were (not all-inclusive):

Innovative Crypogenic Engineering, BLUFORS, ANDOR (of Oxford Instruments), QuantFi, Qureca, Microsoft, IQM, IONQ, and the Quantum World Association.  

For a full schedule and list of sponsors, please visit, QT Quantum.Tech.com.