IBM Leaning Forward in Preparing Tomorrow’s Quantum Scientists and Developers

IBM is building a quantum workforce.  From a new online textbook for programming quantum computers, permitting real time on a quantum computing system, to creating a video series for coders, IBM is leaning forward.  They get it.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

Building Quantum Skills With Tools For Developers, Researchers and Educators

Selected notes ~

+  IBM has been working on making quantum computing easier to learn about and to use since we made the first real quantum system available to the public in 2016. This research field has undergone dramatic changes in the last few decades, but only recently have quantum scientists released easy-to-use tools to make this discipline accessible to everyone. At IBM, we offer all the quantum programming tools you need with Qiskit and make it easy to get started running quantum circuits on our systems with the IBM Q Experience quantum cloud platform – users have already run over 28 million experiments and simulations.

I believe that developing a “live” textbook for teaching quantum computing in academic classes is not only important but also essential to have a state-of-the-art education on a dynamic and fast-paced topic. This textbook provides a great opportunity for those who do not have a strong background in quantum mechanics to connect with cutting-edge topics in quantum computing in the shortest possible time. –Dr. Javad Shabani, Assistant Professor of Physics and Shabani Lab Principal Investigator, New York University and co-author of “Learn Quantum Computing Using Qiskit”

+  We are rolling out new systems and a new feature that allows for reserving time on an IBM Q system through the IBM Q Experience. This will initially be available to members of the IBM Q Network. Members will be able to reserve blocks of uninterrupted time for their users to experiment and test ideas using our advanced systems and software.

+  We published an open-source online textbook, called Learn Quantum Computation Using Qiskit, as a tool for self-learners and educators preparing the next generation of quantum developers. Written by experienced educators and leading researchers in the field, this textbook explores quantum computing through practical problems that are run on both simulators and real quantum hardware, with the aim of helping students connect theory to practice.

+  To facilitate learning outside the classroom, we also offer the Coding With Qiskit video series. Through this series, viewers can traverse the hardest part of learning a new language—the beginning.

Source:  IBM Research Blog.  Jay Gambetta and Abraham Asfaw,  Building Quantum Skills With Tools For Developers, Researchers and Educators…

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